The Innovation Lab is your opportunity to make the best obstacle course in the world even better – one incredible obstacle idea at a time. Here’s how to jump on in:

  1. Post an image and description of your idea on Instagram, including the hashtag #tminnovationlab
  2. Generate support for your concept by getting as many ‘likes’ as possible.
  3. TMHQ will review the most liked concepts monthly, looking for ideas that can be feasibly constructed while delivering an incredible experience.
  4. Selected concepts will be passed to beta testing, where we’ll build and test them with live participants.
  5. Exemplary concepts that succeed in beta testing will have the chance to be added to the permanent Tough Mudder obstacle menu.
One awesome program, many awesome answers.
What Can I Win?
If it were us, we’d be more than content with excessive pride and kudos but we’ll toss in a few sweet prizes for top concepts:
· Top Voted – The concept with the most new likes within a month will receive a free Tough Mudder entry.
· Beta Tested Concepts – Concepts that are selected for beta testing will earn a free entry to World’s Toughest Mudder
· Roll-Out Concepts – Designs selected for permanent inclusion on the Tough Mudder menu will win a Season Pass Plus.
How Often Are Ideas Selected?
We will showcase and review a handful of the most liked new submissions every month. After that, it will depend on the strength and feasibility of the submitted ideas.

Some months may see multiple ideas approved for testing; others may see none.
How Do I Submit My Idea(s)?
Submitting ideas is easy – and you can submit as many as you’d like! Here’s how:

1. Post an image – or multiple images – of your idea on Instagram, using the hashtag #tminnovationlab
2. Use any imagery you’d like – digital mock-up, hand-drawn pictures, scale models; whatever you’d like to sell the idea
3. Include a detailed description of how the obstacle is intended to work
4. Keep in mind the pillars of the Tough Mudder brand when crafting your concept: grit, camaraderie, and accomplishment
5. Promote your idea to get as many likes as possible

Creativity and change have been an integral part of Tough Mudder’s DNA since our inception in 2010. Check out where we’ve been, then help us find where we’re going next.